Rodder`s Journal 46-B
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- The Pete & Jake’s story, the Super Bell coupe,

- Earl Evans legacy,

- the lost Westergard custom and Ross Meyers’ Ridler-winning coupe.

- Steve Davis’ Dragster Restorations

- Earl Evans Story

- Roscoe Bava’s Dual Quad 409-Powered ’30 Ford Roadster

- The “Wapid Wabbit” Chevy and ‘60s Drag Racing History

- Kurt McCormick’s ’41 Cadillac

- Westergard Custom

- Historic Coupe Road Trip:

- 375 Miles in Jake’s ’34, the “California Kid,” and the “Superbell Coupe”

- The Rehkop-Benson Roadster History

- Jim Vickery’s ’46 Ford Woody Surf Wagon

- Ken Gross and Bob Ames’ Hot Rods and Custom Cars,

- Ross Meyers’ Troy Trepanier-Built ’36 Ford Riddler Winner

- Kellogg Auto Archives

- Bonneville Photography


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