Rear Hub Repair Kit
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Don't throw that worn hub away!! This kit contains one sleeve, and one bearing to repair a worn hub. Simply press the sleeve into the hub, and this bearing has a little smaller O.D., but same I.D. as the original bearing. Includes sleeve setting loctite. U.S.A.


A-1115-RK REAR WHEEL HUB REPAIR KIT Installation Instructions The purpose of this kit is to salvage an original model A rear wheel hub that may otherwise have to be disregard and replaced. This kit includes a later V-8 wheel bearing, special race insert, and a single tube of Quick Metal. Due to wear variations from one hub to another, Quick Metal is provided to guarantee a tight fit on the insert race. Please follow the below instructions precisely. 1. Remove the hub from the rear axle. 2. Remove outer snap ring, seal, and bearing from the hub. 3. Now is the important step. Thoroughly remove all grease and oil from the inside of the hub. All traces of grease and oil must be removed from the inside of the hub in order for the liquid metal to bond properly. 4. Lay hub on the outer edge so bearing hole is facing upward. Apply a liberal amount of Quick Metal to the inside of the hub where the original roller bearing used to ride. Now, apply a liberal amount of Quick Metal to the outside diameter of the bearing race. Install bearing race into hub by turning either clock wise or counter-clockwise while pushing the race in. If you don’t twist the race while pushing it into the hub, the Quick Metal will wipe off and prove to be useless. 5. Make sure race is pushed flat against the bottom of the bearing hole of the hub. Wipe off excess Quick Metal and let hub stand in vertical position to dry. Recommended drying time is 2 hours. Make sure hub is left in vertical position for entire drying period. Drying needs to occur at room temperature. 6. Pack bearing with a good grade of bearing grease, and install bearing in hub. Install new hub seal, replace snap ring. 7. Install hub and wheel on car and you’re on your way!

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