Edmunds Runde Luftfilter
O'Brian Truckers
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Lagerstatus: Lageret er tomt
Varenummer: obt-1 Vekt: 0.6
- Passer bra på 2 5/8" forgasser
- Stromberg , Holley , Ford 2 port
- selges pr stk

- In the early 1950's Eddie Edmunds made a 4 1/2" round air cleaner with Edmunds Custom embossed on the cover. In the mid 1990's O'Brien Truckers decided to reproduce that air cleaner but with a double wrapped aluminum screen and galvanized 1/4" wire mesh to eliminate any rusting. The problem was that this was not an air cleaner up to our standards. So we commissioned a custom made cotton gauze lifetime washable element of just the right size to allow us to hide the element with screen and mesh to retain the traditional looks of the '50's with the cleaning specs worthy of the new millennium. We also designed a cover without the Edmnuds Custom script for those looking for a different cover.

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